Presentation technique

Speaking to an audience is a necessity in everyday business life yet it makes most of us nervous in one way or another. The fears and uncertainties caused by lack of preparation and the plain fear of "being on" can destroy our chances of getting the message across. These problems are of course multiplied when giving a presentation in a language other than our own!

This three day course, is an excellent opportunity to brush up and improve and expand your English through structured discussion around relevant texts concerning the techniques of presentation. It also provides guidelines and tools which will enable even the most inexperienced speaker to deliver a well-structured and effective presentation.

During the course participants will plan, prepare, structure and actually deliver their own individual presentations using specially prepared check lists and receiving valuable feedback from those around them.

The course is designed for everyone who has to present an idea, a project or a product to a group of people.

Items covered :

Minimum level of English - intermediate

Participants should be able to understand and communicate at an ordinary everyday level using reasonably correct grammar and vocabulary.

Number of participants

From 3 to 6